Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

"Think left
and think
and think
low and
think high
Oh, the
you can
think up
if only you

Dr. Seuss

Molly's Preschool seeks to provide a warm and nurturing environment where all children develop a healthy, happy and secure approach to living and learning. In our preschool program we strive to meet the children's individual needs with love, patience and understanding. Our staff believe in providing a wide range of stimuating and rich learning experiences that challenges each child individually. It is our intention to extend their learning therefore preparing each child for future learning environments. Te Whāriki is used as the foundation for our learning environment. Children are encouraged to develop their personal capabilities, strengths, interests and learning styles.



Our Mission Statement​

Our goal is to give each child a warm environment to encourage the development of socialisation skills, independence and a positive self-image. Our experienced teaching staff embrace the view that each child is an unique person with an individual pattern and timing of social, physical and intellectual development. Teachers encourage children to think for themselves, make decisions and work towards their own solutions by expressing their own ideas and feelings.



Our Program

Molly's Preschool provides a very personal approach to your child's early childhood education, with internationally acclaimed programs and philosophies at its core. Our experience tells us that there's no 'one size fits all' approach, so we've created a program all of our own that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of your child as they grow and develop.


Ours is an inviting and engaging environment where children are able to explore, play and learn simultaneously. We provide structured learning alongside opportunities for self expression and free play.


Te Whāriki is used as the foundation for our learning environment. The program's framework emphasises the learning partnership between teachers, parents and whanau. Teachers create a holistic curriculum in response to children's learning and development in the early childhood setting and the wider context of the child's world. Through this program it is our goal to help children prepare for future learning environments. To find out more about Te Whāriki and the NZ Ministry of Education's early childhood curriculum policy framework click here.