About Us

Welcome to Molly's Preschool.

Our beautiful renovated space is designed for a maximum of 40 children aged from 2 years to school starting age.  


Our large open plan indoor space is light and sun filled with a fabulous outside area and wonderful sand play pit for creative construction, Molly's Preschool really is the perfect place for discovering and learning both inside and out.


It is our aim that all children at Molly's Preschool receive a wide range of rich learning experiences whilst they feel 'at home' in a genuinely warm and nurturing environment. Children are encouraged to develop their personal capabilities, strengths, interests and learning styles.  


Our experienced team of professional Early Childhood Educators strive to ensure each and every child at Molly's Preschool LOVES their time at preschool and has their individual needs met with love, patience and understanding.  Our teachers encourage children to think for themselves, make decisions and work towards their own solutions, by expressing their own ideas and feelings.


We work together closely with parents and families to ensure all of our children are happy, healthy and fufilling their absolute potential for learning.  We feel it is a privilege to play such an important part in nurturing and guiding your children through their preschool years and we genuinely love what we do.


We hope you will visit us at Molly's Preschool soon, but in the meantime please don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or email for a chat.